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Currently on holiday and been using my Wise card abroad all week. I can’t express how impressed I’ve been with the service offered by Wise.

Night and day difference to using my traditional Barclays or Lloyds cards. Also much better rates than the good old trusted Post Office exchange route.

Invested during the IPO and made great returns, luckily I liquidated a large portion of my assets before the stock tumbled due to buying our first home.

Shame about all the drama with the CEO and his taxes. But looking at balance sheets and experiencing first hand the use of their services, I’m pretty shocked at their stock price.

There’s soo much talk about how all it takes is for the big traditional banks to change their business models and Wise to become irrelevant, but personally I don’t see that happening.

I’m very confident Wise will recover and will be a major player in a few years.


Another look at the accounts may show you that expenses are growing faster than revenues and this has heavily affected sentiment in the present macro environment.

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A cheer and a half today.


Has anyone received any rewards from Wise? It is now over a year and they have not yet sent anything or communicated.


Nope…they went very quiet on this very quickly last year. Was going to give it a couple of months because I think the scheme closed around late August / early September last year?

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I think that news has sunk in and the shares have jumped 30% in the last 7 days.

Yes, I am responding to your comment 3 days ago, not the original message. I suspect long term will be the only way forward with WISE but still nice to see some movement.

Good news!


More good news for users of WISE.

Unfortunately I opened a Starling account 2 months ago to avoid the new fees on a Euros account that were introduced on 18.06.22 and I have absolutely no reason to move it back to WISE, I wonder how many other users have done the same.

The timing seems very poor to me. Whilst no one can predict the future I’m sure that WISE are annoyed at themselves for introducing fees on smaller EURO holdings for only 6 weeks effectively…the damage will have been done to existing users I’m sure.

You were lucky! It seems others had to pay that fee from Dec 2020:

Yeah sorry I was slightly unclear, they changed the threshold of how many Euros you could hold in your account before you paid a fee.

Before June you were able to hold substantially more (can’t remember the actual number but was 5 figure) interest free as a personal customer and it dropped to €3000 which triggered the move for me.

The fee also went up to 0.9% p.a. which I remember at the time feeling extortionate. So to effectively do a U-turn on that in a matter of weeks is obviously great for customers but equally frustrating for those that changed providers because of it.

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Are the monthly charges of 0.15% on funds deposited in WISE, going to be curtailed?

Yes it appears that fees for holding different currencies have been removed if that’s what you’re referring to?

The share price on this has doubled since late June which is good if you hold them like me, I wondered if there had been a piece of good news I had missed to explain the rise?

No, but if i were to take a wild shot in the dark as to why it’s doubled it would be that insiders know the revenue run rate and profitability are outperforming market expectations.Just a guess.