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Worst stock I’ve ever bought. Taking into account that I was waiting for it to go public and bought in at the first opportunity. How inadequate management can be ruining what was a no brainer success is simply astonishing. I’ve lost all confidence in the company. Will hold on for a few more weeks and cut my losses at hopefully less than 20%

I’m still buying WISE as a small but long term investment. It only IPO’d in July, plenty of time for it to :rocket: (maybe)


This is becoming attractive. Will most likely DCA to build a nice position.

I’ve been a customer for 5 years. Using it personally for remittance and paying overseas bills.

I have a USD bank account (I think it was called borderless account at the time) with them that I’m using to receive my USD revenue. $7.50 fixed fee + ~0.42% conversion fees. If I did my transactions through a traditional bank, it would cost me an additional £5K-£10K a year in fees.


No argument it’s a great product and they make money, but I wonder if the confidence is wavering on whether it has enough that’s unique given the moves by banks to enter their core cross-border payment business.

That’s the problem really with the business. (Well, aside from management (annoying) and investors cashing out (to be expected) at the moment and their CTO (or was it CEO) mucking up their tax return).

I am wondering if it’s worth holding on for the next set of financial results to see if that sparks growth. As I say, they actually make a profit.

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What do people dislike about their management? Have I missed something? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

I don’t think it’s the management per se, it’s more how the directors keep selling large amounts of shares at a discount. Trader mentality - “do they know something we don’t?”. Also, shows lack of faith in the stock market valuation.

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Also at least one of them didn’t seem to be able to pay their tax when they should have.

Yes , that’s what I meant. As you and others have said, cashing out when there is uncertainty feeds the narrative and doesn’t suggest they are interested in sticking around or seeing it through long term.

Most frustrating is setting up the OwnWise scheme and encouraging actual users of Wise to invest and hold while they say thanks very much and sell their shares. I think that’s what irritates me the most. Sure, these directors have the right to sell but just at the point where banks are trialling cross-border payments and the market is looking for leadership? Sorry, but that’s terrible optics.


This is a tough one to stick around in. Tbh the only reason I’m still in it is for the OwnWise scheme but I’m not sure I care much about those 5% if the stock has folded by then😄
Really tough one…cut my losses or find out where the floor is?

Useful feature they just posted on Twitter:

I can’t find it, but Skyscanner saw a significant decrease in complaints of speed when they made it look like they were “live-searching for flights” when you use them, instead of waiting for them to do it in the backend and then showing it.

(See the checking 18 of 38 providers)

I expect Wise customers to experience the same level of satisfaction when non-instant transfers take longer than expected. Also:

One issue was that we weren’t able to give any information if transfers bounced back. We fixed this, so now we can tell your recipient that there’s an issue with the transfer, rather than leaving them in the dark.

Educating customers is the #1 problem of any Fintech, as you abstract away so much but when a customer sees one of these edges (such as the clearing process in freetrade, the live-pricing feature, or decimal places) they get confused and think it’s wrong. This abstraction is what makes Fintechs so strong, but most users sadly don’t learn behind the abstractions so these edges are rougher. This change to Wise should do wonders for them :slight_smile:

And launching Wise Card in Brazil:


Hello everyone
It was my first time investing .
Wise is going down all the time.
Is everyone else keeping their stocks?
I am £300 down since I bought this.
Should I wait to grow up or it will be better to sell it before it is too late?

Should I wait to grow up or it will be better to sell it before it is too late?

Only you can answer that! If it’s your first time investing I’d suggest an index fund :slight_smile: like £VRWL

I invest long term (5 - 10 years) so a stock going down a lot in a month or two isn’t a worry at all unless I truly think there is something very wrong with it.

If you are having trouble sleeping or worrying then again, it’s probably better to invest in an index fund so you don’t feel that way :slight_smile:

This is a good book on the topic you should read as an investing 101 too :smiley:


I also have wise shares and they are in the red for me as well I bought them as a long term investment as I believe it is a good thing.
only you know your situation and why you decided to invest in wise so only you can decide if you want to continue to invest or if your money is going to be better placed elsewhere.
I know that doesn’t really help but nobody know the future and what will happen in the short,medium or long term with any company.


Some interesting tweets I saw today:

SEO is very important for marketing, but startups don’t usually invest in it. Super cool to see :slight_smile:

And this is just a cute tweet from someone that worked at Stripe

This (i.e. paying for additional SEO) would be a red flag in some segments. So clearly depends on type of start-up.

BTW, for me WISE is no longer a start-up.

Well this is helping a lot🥳


I’ll be writing an update on Wise soon, the “using crypto for cross-border payments” is moving significantly faster than I ever imagined it could :sweat_smile:

I read their report and it all looks good :+1: Still almost no real data on their platform, but they’ve onboarded more companies && improved the product for already-onboarded companies (they mention Monzo, and I can see Monzo did improve their international payments with Wise https://monzo.com/blog/new-international-transfers/ )

They also onboarded India, added Wise card to Canada, and even added the card to India.

India is one of the larger remittance countries, I know friends that personally send money there. India also has, in my opinon, the best payments network in the entire world. https://www.npci.org.in/

While not all banks are onboarded yet, it really is a technological marvel. Open banking is ok, but it still sucks.

Wise has decided to use this payments network, which is absolutely great.

I’ll get more into this in a future blog post, but Wise have hit all of my expected metrics ( see Wise - Money without Borders - by bee for more). When I say “all”, I mean I read this report on a train so I haven’t verified it all yet.


If you are interested in what goes on behind payments, this is a great blog :slight_smile:

I upped my stake a little in the dip but now have the feeling I should have got more than I did.


Well that didn’t last long, given back a fair chunk of yesterday’s gains already.

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