How long do withdrawals take, is there a guideline?

Hey Darren, standard withdrawals take 2-3 working days to arrive in your bank account. We also offer same day withdrawals for ยฃ5 which need to be requested through in-app chat by 2pm.


A quick question to our community,

Unsettled Cash, is when you sell out of a stock, which can be reinvested instantly but not available to withdraw until 3-5days.

1st time I made a query, I was told It was low volume sale (few stock) so cash goes to unsettled take few days.
2nd time around, i sold high volume stock, then I was told since my stock itself doesnโ€™t trade at a high volume in stock market, so it takes time to clear the funds. (TAYLOR WIMPEY :thinking: low traded in LSE)

yesterday I sold out of my TESLA shares, high volume sale, and last 2days Tesla is trades at record level. Yet my sale goes to unsettled cash.

I wont compare this to my other platforms, as I believe each one has itโ€™s own benefitโ€™s and obviously I dont want to get ban/suspended from such a lovely community.

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If you have a monzo account then you receive the payment next day. I receive my withdrawals next day on my monzo account :slight_smile: