Withdrawal hasn’t arrived

I made a withdrawal to my linked Monzo bank account 8 days but it still hasn’t arrived. I have tried to contact customer service since Friday but with no answer. Has anyone had a similar experience? This is extremely frustrating.

Hi Josh, first of all - welcome to the forum :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues funding your account and for the delayed response. We’re still pretty busy right now after a surge in new customers, but are making good progress in catching up on messages.

Usually, cash takes a couple of hours to arrive.

Very occasionally, and unfortunately, there can be a delay in cash reaching your account, for a variety of reasons.

If it helps, Apple Pay/Google Pay are instant.

We can’t access your customer information here, so could you please send us an email at hello@freetrade.io, and we’ll check it out? :pray:

Hi thank you for getting back to me. I’m not actually talking about funding my account. I am trying to withdraw settled cash back to my linked bank account. But it has gone missing for 9 days now.

Hey Josh,

Thanks for clarifying! Could you please drop me a DM with the email address you signed up with and I’ll get someone to look into this one for you? :pray:

Thank you Doyin. I have just DM’d you now.


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