Youtuber sells $20M portfolio trying to time the market

Will be interesting to see how this plays out for him. Why someone would gamble with $20M is beyond me.

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(also recommends taking equity out of your home to buy more stonks)

We must have different definitions of a gamble :rofl: He has cashed out £20m so happy days and people all over the world are clicking or posting his channel so he makes even more money. Sadly this is a very clever move and will no doubt make him loads in non investment revenue. :+1:


Are you saying that he is somehow baiting people into clicking on his videos? This is a very interesting hypothesis!


Sell your position then make a whole chunk in online publicity.

The sheep will always be played by talented minds.


Very funny :rofl: :clap: I didn’t know who this idiot was so had a search and found this sentence which summed up my assumptions well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

CNBC found that Paffrath earns most of his income from YouTube advertising revenue and affiliate programs, not real estate or stock market investing.

Surprise surprise!!


A complete idiot. I had never heard of him until today and looked at some of his videos. Apparently he was pumping his viewers to buy the dip just last week.

I’m new to investing and started watching some YouTubers just to see what they’re saying. I would say 95% of finance channels is just trash clickbait nonsense. I hate the thumbnails too! I’ve settled on watching people who don’t push individual stocks and enjoy watching Patrick Boyle and The Plain Bagel.


I like pension craft he seems to give great detailed advice, rather than click bait shit all the time.


He kept on saying invest long term and dont try to time

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It’s when these YouTube/ social media guys realise the market is boring for now and they move-on to other ventures, whilst still keeping their viewers entertained is when the real backlash will come.

Meet Kevin
Grayham Steven’s
Andrei Jikh

Their younger viewers will wake up, 28 years old and wonder why the market has not returned to the 2021 peak and why their portfolios are down 28%, yet the YouTubers they took advice from are travelling Capri, Italy like nothing ever happened…