28 new ETFs and 70 stocks

Good shout it’s not there! May be on the way still. @Freetrade_Team

XSPS has not been added, thanks for pointing that out.

Removed from the list above.


One for next week :wink:

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Got it, thank you.

I wonder if they do gold-plated clubs, mind you…

I got half of what I wanted (L&G Cyber Security UCITS ETF) but not (VanEck Video Gaming and eSports ESGB).

Overall pretty happy with this!

I appreciate that you have added quite a few stocks and ETFs, which is very good.

However, can someone please clarify what the selection process is?

I cannot say that I am impressed by the fact that none of the stocks of the most voted posts, were included. It makes it seem like the actual suggestions on the thread (and likes) are irrelevant.

The post with the most likes on the thread in the last week:

The post happened to be mine and I posted it well in advance.

The same happens with the subsequent 2 posts with the most likes (2nd and 3rd most liked), none of their stocks are included in today’s batch:

I understand that quite a few of the stocks/ETFs that have been added today are quite popular and have been requested previous weeks hence I understand why they were added, I just don’t understand why none of this week’s main requests have been included, hence why I would like clarification regarding the selection process.

Thank you.


Dissapointed. That’s the worst yet. I cant for the life of me see the sense in listing so many of those.

WOW! What a list, very excited

Happy with the breadth of ETF’s there :+1:t3:

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Great selection of ETFs. Love these weekly additions. Thanks for your hard work.


As a theme park geek, great to see Six Flags on here, especially as investing in Merlin Entertainments is no longer on the table. Here’s hoping the stock won’t be much of a roller coaster.


A great mix today, excellent work once again!

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Sarcasm surely? If not, you need to to give your head a shake! Great update :+1:

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With all due respect. Give your own head shake.

Opens app after see the notification scrolls down to the R’s for ‘Reality Income’… argh…

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Its not forward looking. A lot of stale looking stock, we are going through multiple revolutions all at once. The bulk of this list isn’t the type of stock that will shape the future. Lots of these listing aren’t going to make you much now, and less in the the future.

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Granted there is a nod to modern healthcare.

People wanted it and voted for it. Just don’t be negative, if you don’t like what was added just move on, and request something better in your eyes


@jbowen EMQP has grown 61% this year diversified over different stocks. I hope you can beat that in your gains this year. It’s a terrific addition


Actually, as I point out in my previous message (linked below) the most voted options from this week have NOT been included:

Some stocks have been popular, yes, but not the most popular since the last addition, in the last week. In fact none of the stocks from the 3 most popular posts in the last week have been added.

So I reiterate, can someone clarify the selection process?