A bit disappointed

I downloaded the freetrade app, a week ago, and it still haven’t been able to open an account… provide all the right document and everything, does anyone else have the same problem?

Hi @Calvin_LSK it might be worth reaching out to support hello@freetrade.io


Yea, I have, they told me it will take up to 5-7 days to check my IDs. :pensive:
Maybe I m being a bit inpatient, but everyone seems to open their account instantly.

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You probably don’t have much insight into this as a new customer but they’re on boarding over 1000 people a day and while this is done quickly it’s not quick enough when you’re keen.

Hold fire for a bit and you’ll be part of the FT gang in no time.

While you’re waiting and If you’re brand new to investing there are is a thread here that might be a good place to read - Ask your beginners questions here 🐣

I m sure they are busy as bees :honeybee:

Just not as easy to open as it seems

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Yea, will def check it out

Hi @Calvin_LSK :wave:

Thank you so much for joining Freetrade!

Our current timeframe for our friendly team to process your documents is 5-7 working days from the day you confirm your document upload.

Thank you for your patience whilst we experience high volumes :pray:


That Colin Furze dude on YouTube is to blame :flushed::flushed:

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Yea I guess I just have to be patient.

Lol no one is to be blame. Just being impatient.


Welcome back to the community forum @lindafreetrade :flushed::+1::grinning:

Same issue here. I don’t like having PII out where I’ve not got control over it with some vague promise.

I just want to find out how to delete the account and get confirmation that my PII has been removed.

There also seems to be no option for deleting a community account here either.

:joy: :joy: There’s more disappointment waiting for you… Just wait until you start buying and all you see is " the red bloodbath" that is inevitable :man_facepalming::joy:… Good luck :crossed_fingers:


My experience is that on the last day of the timeline set by the freetrade your account will be verified to operate it.