Account frozen incorrectly - help! Resolved

My account has been suspended for not having a valid payment method for my ISA, despite me having free Alpha/Plus for life. Support have told me they’ll refer it and someone will get back to me in 1-2 working days. Even as a short-term solution, I am unable to add any means of payment, because it recognises me as “free with Plus” and “£0/month” since I have Plus for life.

I just logged in and found a nice red box telling me I don’t have a valid payment method for my ISA, which I very much do, or did anyway. I wonder if they’re having issues?

What is free with plus? I’ve never heard about it.

Sorry to hear that but at least if it’s widespread they might fix it quickly. Restricting buying (earlier this year) is one thing, but restricting selling is a completely different issue.

They are referring to having invested a decent sum in FT in the fundraising rounds, which gave the benefit of free Plus for life.


Hang on, it now seems that it’s not completely frozen, but the big red error message is still there. I can sell but I can’t buy. What’s going on?

Also getting this despite a valid payment method.

Anyone know whats going on here? Just appeared on my account

Getting this too - support says they’re looking into it.

I panicked a bit because I initially interpreted “on hold” as totally frozen. I couldn’t scroll, but that’s probably because scrolling is fiddly at the best of times. So it looks like on hold means you can’t buy but you can sell? Anyone know the details? I haven’t thought about it before, since I was “Plus for life”! Errrr

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im the same. Cant buy any positions. Very frustrating

Mine just got fixed and support sent me a message

Contacted support in app and had a reply in 2 mins - they are aware of the bug and will fix it, so just ignore it. No way I’m losing my plus for life :slight_smile:


Hi all,

My apologies to anyone affected, and to give an update; we found that we inadvertently marked a small number of ISA subscriptions as payment overdue whilst doing some maintenance work on invoices from 2019.

Please rest assured that your Plus / Plus for Life status has not been changed and the fix should go out later today. Feel free to contact our support team or DM myself if you’ve got any questions, and sorry for any inconvenience caused.


I don’t have plus or plus-for-life and I’ve got this message, despite a very valid payment method that you’ve been taking £3/month from since the very first month ISAs charged.

Not a good look at all - the message doesn’t adequately explain “on hold”, clicking it doesn’t do anything but take me to my valid payment method. Your ISA terms (ISA Terms) don’t explain this either.

Mistake or not, you need to better present this information to the user.