Account reverted to onboarding


A week or so ago I had an issue where my account was stuck in onboarding process. At the time I messaged support in the in-app chat (which I have to go through the onboarding process and request a new isa opened every time to access). After not getting response from the in app chat, I posted here on forum and @MeghanB26 helped me out and unblocked my account.

Well it seems that someone has finally read my in-app chat message and proceeded to “unblock” my account today as I received a Welcome to Freetrade email and app has reset to onboarding again.

I was up and running for a week, with paid for Plus, opened ISA, deposited money and some holdings. I am now locked out from the app and it tries to take me through the onboarding process again.

I believe I’m having the same issue. Did anyone get in touch with you about this?

Hi both,

Sorry to hear your account has been reverted to onboarding.

Can you try to delete and reinstall your app first?

If that doesn’t work, drop us a note via in-app message and we’ll check this out.

No luck. Have sent an in-app message.

Thank you

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Also no luck deleting and reinstalling the app.

I’ve already sent an in-app message (which forces me to go through the onboarding process and signing up for ISA before I can access it, every time), so I’m just going to wait.

I am now in after reinstalling the app again today. It asked for my email, sent me a link and upon clicking asked for PIN (but only once) and I got in.


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Great, glad you’re in now! :pray:

Hi, I have the same issue where its asking me to sign back up. Can any Freetrade staff help me on this?