Quick question

I signed up wrong the first time and didn’t use the referral link so I got my account deleted but now I can’t make a new one?

Will I ever be able to make a new one or not anymore?


Hi @Lois have you tried to sign up again using the referral link this time?


Yes I have but it says “can’t create account” no reason or anything, not sure if because I deleted originally I cannot sign up again ?

I’m not sure what the policy is on this, it may be against the TOS, but have you tried registering with an alternative email address?

If you’ve closed the account you will need to contact support to reopen it, you can’t make a new account.

Once the account has been reopened, all you can do is ask about the referral, but would be down to them whether they do or not.

Reach out on - they’re a helpful bunch.