Two friends of mine are trying to use a referral link to register on freetrade but they are stuck in the process. Can anyone have a look into it?

Thank you

What’s their issue? By the way, the freetrade social team are struggling to help via the forum so have directed people to email or via in app chat. Might be the email if your friends haven’t been able to register yet.

the issue is that when a friend of mine received an email from you to finish the registration process,he received an error stating “IDENTITY CHECK FAILED” .
He would like to find out how you can help him.

I’m not from freetrade :blush: just a forum member. If your friend failed the automatic identity check then freetrades customer service team should reach out to your friend to ask them to provide additional information.

Unfortunately the customer support team is running a little behind at the moment and they’ve just hired 25 new support staff to try and clear the back log. The message your friend will have received should have stated that freetrade will be in touch as soon as possible.

oh ok I do apologize hehe.
They stated that the will send him an email with the next steps. They asked him to tap a buttom which takes him again, to the error page.
I sent an email to the email address you mentioned before.
Thank you

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No problem :wink: forums a great place to get help so long as you realise noone here really can access your specific account data. The actual freetrade team on the forum are incredibly busy at the moment so may not always be able to respond to help straight away.

Might be worth getting your friend to email as freetrade may not be able to help them if you email them yourself. They’ll probably need security questions etc if they can help fully.