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Hi, I’ve just opened an ISA account today and fund it with 1 pound with the linked bank account, now, I do not have any details like sort code etc. Of FreeTrade, and unlikely it doesn’t allow my to add a card for the payments (the button doesn’t work), so I find myself in a condition that I can’t top up the account in any way, not with the bank app not with the card.
I’ve sent some emails and I wait an answer.
I really like the opportunity Freetrade give us with the ISA account, and I would like to start invest without delay.

You can find Freetrade’s account and sort code if you choose manual transfer. the option is at the bottom of the list of banks

If you do a manual transfer don’t forget to put the reference number in so Freetrade know who sent the money

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Hi Daniele :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this, can you drop me a DM with the email you use for the app and I’ll check on this for you?

Hi @OllieW if you’re a FT person can you get someone to apply that identifier to your profile, otherwise it looks like you’re just some rando asking people to hand over their registered email addresses…


One colleague help me already in resolve the issue
Thanks again

This post should be ignored 100%!!! It is a new poster and not a recognised FT staff member!!!

You should never give info over a forum or to any account that is not registered as staff. Personally I think it should only be through the app but that is another subject.

@OllieW is a Freetrade staff member, thanks for flagging all! Always better to be safe than sorry - appreciate it :pray:


Definitely need to get staff to use FT filters and not “new poster” accounts :joy: It felt like the phone calls claiming an Amazon package hasn’t had tax paid on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:joy: that’s a good one!

Noted, especially as the team continues to grow :pray: