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Yay for hydrogen

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More encouraging news.


This is big news because it speeds up production/scale of their S fuel cell… which is much more energy dense than their L product.


Why is the stock still dropping like a stone? Down 4% already today

What the hell is going on with this stock? I put a bit of cash on it on the back of the news of the big order they got the other day, but it’s tanking now.

I’ve done exactly the same :frowning:

Just hold, it’s a bit of a drop but the long hold will be worth it.


This was my first investment with Freetrade and this seems to be the norm, although I was in green there for that last little blast and probably won’t see green for months again like last time haha.

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I have been holding and buying in dips for about a year, maybe more.

Seems to do this a lot.

I’m sitting at 20% up at the minute, but it was at 60%-70%.

I’m waiting until 40p-50p margin until I buy any more.


Nows your chance yay

Any news on AFC?

I think the whole covid omicron has caused a downturn. I can’t see too much news since 3rd Dec.

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Yeah I’m tanking on most atm :frowning: today has been a bad day

I’ve got myself a few more in this downturn. Was waiting until 0.45.

With how the UK government are reacting to tackling the omicron I can see it going higher ‘soon’.

Huh? I don’t understand your reasoning - are they planning a hydrogen themed Downing Street Christmas party at the height of a global pandemic or something? Or is Johnson going to buy one atom of hydrogen for every child he has?

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Is there enough Hydrogen in the Universe for that? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha. Well, it’s just uncertainty isn’t it :smile:

Maybe they are creating the gas as a group for the blue hydrogen… :eyes:

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Cash cow, have you been putting more money in?

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