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Alkemy Capital Investments PLC operates as an investment holding company

Yeah i know i’m supposed to do my own research, but why has this one not been brought to my attention before? You guys holding out on me?

Mentions a supply of recycled lithium already agreed upon, would be awesome if that was TM1 but no doubt we would of heard about that by now

After a severe case of FOMO I picked up an amount i am comfortable with and finished the week off at an even more comfortable 32% up

Call me foolish in my naive hope the UK can make an attempt to keep up in the green dream, but if i keep seeing companies like this pop up i’ll keep scrabbling about for some shares.

Already floating around 60% up for me. Lets see what todays granting of planning permission brings.

Ooooh, i seem to have bagged, how lovely :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:


This could be good!

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That’s a hopeful brokers note. :rofl:

No idea what to expect with this stock, only 7million shares and mentions of no plans on a raise. If they stick to that and still manage to raise the funding needed through the bond market then this could be a real winner.

And for a change last weeks sell on the news didn’t seem to ruin momentum. Still holding on to a full bag myself.

That’s nice to get that box ticked just before Christmas.

Financing Q1 of next year is next on the wishlist.

So many bits of good news for this one lately. Now all they need is the actual funsing and to get it built.