Annual subscriptions are here 🗓

From today, our Standard and Plus plan customers will get more flexibility and choice in how they pay for their subscriptions.

We’ve launched annual subscriptions, which means you can get a whole year of Freetrade Standard for £59.88 or Freetrade Plus for £119.88.

All the benefits and features of your favourite Freetrade plan, for one single annual payment.

Why pay annually?

We recently announced that from 9 May 2023, the monthly price of our Standard plan will be increasing to £5.99 per month and the monthly price of our Plus plan will be increasing to £11.99 per month.

But switching to annual billing means that you can pay £59.88 for a whole year of Standard. This works out to £4.99 per month, a saving of 17% on the new monthly price of £5.99.

Similarly, for the Plus plan, you can pay £119.88 for the year. This works out to £9.99 per month, also a saving of 17% on the new monthly price of £11.99.

How do I switch to annual billing?

First, make sure you’re on the latest version of the app. Tap the Profile icon on the top right-hand corner of your Portfolio tab. Select “Manage your plan” and then “Change your billing cycle”.

When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.


Just paid for Plus for the year. It’s worth mentioning that any remaining days of an existing monthly subscription are discounted pro-rata from the the annual payment.


Thanks for the feedback @Jubatus :pray: I’ve updated the copy on the billing term selection screen to clarify this a little earlier

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Why is it so hard to get any feedback from your customer service team?

Just had the notification about switching to Yearly billing schedule.
Tried to do it - got to the second screen where it shows the “Your Plan Overview”

All correct so I check the checkbox for agreeing and the T&Cs but the “Confirm Change” button does not become active.

I’m on the latest version of the app and did read the Terms and Conditions (opened in Chrome).

Has this worked for anyone else?

Hi @MarcusClifford; as of the time of this post, the issue should have been fixed.

Please could you confirm whether you have experienced the issue since that time and, if so, could you try force-closing the app and trying again :pray:

Thanks, working now.
I’ve upgraded to Yearly and can confirm it deducts your remaining partial month payment off the total cost of the yearly (reducing it) so no need to wait until your renewal day.


Thanks for confirming!

Edit: Had I read the whole page I would have seen that we are credited with any outstanding subscrition days. I was just a bit quick to slam the anchors on!

I have a question about switching to annual payments.

Currently my next monthly payment date is 12th May. When I change to annual payments it changes the next payment date to today, 25th April.

Presumably this is a bug as if I make the change now I lose 17 days worth of subscription?

Can this be changed or shall I wait until 11th to change to annual subscription?

Hi @Orbitalinvestor, there should be some text on the upgrade confirmation screen that shows you’re due to be credited £X against the annual payment for any time remaining on your current monthly subscription. We definitely don’t want you to be losing-out by upgrading, or having to wait until your next billing day!

Please let me know if that doesn’t match your experience and we can look into that for you.

Thanks @Damon - I went in reverse as soon as I spotted the date change - so will carry on if that is the case.

How do i switch to a yearly billing schedule. Ive not received an email or notification about it

Not everyones app has updated yet…and the notifications are staggered.

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Resolved, i downloaded the update from playstore and have switched to yearly payments :grinning:


can I upgrade to plus while switching to yearly billing?

Why in my playstore doesn’t appear the new update? Im still with the version 1.0.34959 :man_shrugging:

Since days I’m trying to update to plus but the botton doesn’t work

@Damon :pray:t2:

Hey @Panik; the upgrade to Plus and the changing of the billing frequency are two separate steps at the moment, but we’ll be working to consolidate them shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience, and any refunds owed to you for time remaining on an existing subscription will be credited back to you.

@Dani88; I’ll message you directly so that we can look into this for you :slight_smile:

I’ve got the same issue. Play store is showing as latest update being the 21st April and I’ve also checked and Play Store itself is on the latest version. I’ve tried rebooting my phone to see if that helps but nothing so far.

Same here, no update available for me in Play store.

Morning - just checking if that is right,
on IOS If I go to ‘manager your plan’ > ‘change your plan’ > and click through to plus I am presented with below option.

I’m hoping this will activate plus with anual billing and credit any remaining subscription?

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