App is stuck on 'creating account' loading screen?

I’ve seen a couple of thread posts like this - effectively, I’d got all the way through, put in details, only for the app to revert back to the ‘Creating Account’ loading screen.

However, the problem is now that I’ve been told to either contact in-app chat or the hello@ email address. I just got 2 straight bouncebacks in a row from the email address saying that the mailbox couldn’t be found/is unable to receive mail, a reply on Twitter saying “we can’t do this here”, and because I’m stuck on the ‘Creating Account’ screen, have to reinstall the app to access the in-app chat via the Magic Link ‘get help’ page - which disappears and defaults back to the stuck loading page when I close it down.

Tl;dr, I have no way of getting any help on this! It feels a bit concerning having my personal information on an account I can’t get access to!

Please help!

Some people said they had luck with clearing the app data and cache on their phone?

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Hi Adam - thanks for your comment. Tried doing this, and tried Delete App from the Settings menu - no joy! I redownloaded from the App store, opened it up & put my email in and defaulted straight back to the Creating Your Account loading page. I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to do! It’s not so much that I’m worried about trading on the app right away - I’m more concerned that I can’t get access to an app which has my full details now!