App OS version support error

I just received the following notification on my phone:

I’ve also received an email:

Both of which I might find useful if my phone was actually using iOS and not running Android!


Same here…

Hi both thanks for flagging this. Have either of you ever used iOS to access Freetrade?

Will try to get to the bottom of this.

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I would have done years ago using an ipad when on holiday. That would have been around when freetrade first launched.

I would have thought that ipad was updated a long time ago

Ditto - I might have tried the app on an iPad mini when Freetrade first launched - though that would have been years ago

Thanks for that feedback

There’s clearly been an error here in the parameters we set when building this audience.

We didn’t properly distinguish between users who currently use the iOS version that will be deprecated and any customers who have ever used this version and it was the last version used on a particular device.

Apologies for the unnecessary message. Obviously if you’re not using this version or iOS then you can disregard it.

This error is still happening.

Just got another notification on my Android phone, similar to that in the first post