App won't reinstall on phone

Hi all,

I am having a major problem downloading the app again as I had problems signing in after we moved and I hadn’t used phone for a month or so.

I have tried to get the ‘Magic link’ sent but that is also not working.

Any suggestions for this?


If you haven’t been able to download the app, how are you trying to get a magic link sent?

What exactly is preventing you installing the app? Is there any error message shown?

You need to explain clearly what issues you’re having.


Probably best to email support on and they’ll be able to provide more advice on resolving the issue.
To help with a quicker resolution from support, you’ll want to confirm your phone (e.g. iPhone X, Samsung S10 etc) and OS version if you know/can find that.

One thing to mention, I notice on the help doc here - The Magic Link email does not open the app | Support

That they specifically list iOS 11.2+ having issues with the magic link, if you’ve got an iPhone with this iOS version or higher it might answer your question.

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Thank you both, I have emailed them.

I think it may be a new update issue with the Android system but will wait to hear from them.