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I would discourage from buying first gen tech

High chance of design update next year.


Wait for next year! Which is when I am buying. Micro-LED screens on iPads and hearing new designs of Macbook Pro 16, probably a 14" and iMacs are going to be a beast as it will have dedicated GFX and fans also. This year is just a taster of what is to come :slight_smile:

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I do find it rather scummy they’re advertising unified memory as a good thing.


I have enough computer knowledge to be dangerous but not enough to be useful. I do wonder if ‘unified memory’ on an SOC is going to be more like L1/L2/etc cache on a CPU?

Regardless of whether it’s blisteringly fast or not, I just don’t see how 16GB on a Macbook Pro/Mac Mini is going to be enough capacity for people working with monster Photoshop files/huge spreadsheets/3 Chrome tabs etc

By my own admission, I’m not qualified to know the answer. I’m looking forward to Anthony on the LinusTechTips channel getting his hands on one and doing his benchmarking!

- Ninja edit - and yes avoid 1st gen tech regardless of who it is - whether it’s a Microsoft Zune, an original Apple Watch or 1st gen iPhone or a Tesla with the ugly ass front, the rattles and the panel gaps. 1st gen buyers are the guinea pigs and I think them for their eagerness/lack of patience and willingness to blow their cash


The M1 reviews have been impressive. Apple’s silicon is second to none. How is it that Apple have got things right, like the Rosetta translation layer, which Windows for ARM failed to do?

Why is it bad? Phones, consoles, and now Apple have gone this way. With the M1 being a SoC, you can’t upgrade the memory, which is an obvious downside, but this is not something that most users did with laptops anyway.

If Apple silicon continues to improve, and scales up for professional workstations and servers, it’s not just trouble for Intel, but for x86.

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Possibly theres to many moving parts? Windows still has a compatibility layer for decades old windows versions. Supports both 32 and 64 bit and for whatever reason drivers can still be hit or miss.

Their arm offering is basically unknown, but I think that’s in part because of they’re lack of pushing it. They almost never deprecate anything completely where ass Apple just axed 32bit applications and said tough it up build a 64bit one it’s one button

Apple also has a hardware advantage in that they only need to support a limited number of core hardware options. Saying that though I don’t think that would stop windows making a transition if they wanted to.

Windows probably should have killed 32bit, they probably should have killed legacy support. If they had it would force companies to update their software or die. Instead we still have software running for windows 2k requiring some specific old version of Java because they won’t drop legacy compatibility

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Yikes! £549.


Ok, interesting but as @saf says £549 is a massively interesting “yikes” point given more established (and current market leading) competitors.

Looking through that link, their justification on that price point seems to be their sound quality - which clearly hasn’t been tested yet. Or am I missing something?

It’ll be interesting to see how popular they are and with which groups of people. If Pro musicians embrace them, then that’ll be a game changer. If not, then it’ll just be a fancy neck accessory for Instagram influencers ha

I didn’t notice an apple logo on them – which is a bold move from them. Unless I missed it.

As people aren’t commuting at the moment I wonder if that’ll have an effect on sales. I’d heard streaming numbers were down this year due to that.

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I guess my point here is that if you look at the intangibles it doesn’t seem to justify the price point.

Everything in the marketing material is based on the sound quality.

And having previously bought the Sony 100MX4, I’m intrigued as to how Apple are going to beat that at their first attempt - or at least convince people to pay that kind of price without selling on individual features

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Loose change when Freetrade IPOs :wink:


These aren’t that expensive compared to some of the competition. It depends where they’ve sat themselves.

You don’t know headphone people :joy:

The Sony headphones are what I was thinking but at this prices they clearly don’t care about that price bracket. If the sound is as good as some headphones in the higher price bracket these will probably do comparatively well.

Given the size, weight, fidelity and convenience AirPods Pro have given us more recently, I’d be surprised if these sell like hotcakes. I used to love over ears for their high fidelity and referencing qualities (B&O / Sennheiser) but more recently come to prefer the convenience of AirPods Pro for daily use - I don’t think I could go back to carrying around another big pair of cans like that.


I love over ear headphones… it’s bad they these tempt me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Are they expecting people to carry it like a handbag? Normally in between use my Bose headphones are squashed in a rucksack with a hundred other items so I’m glad they have a rugged case. Not sure who thought that ‘case’ was a good idea…




I’ve got Bang & Olufsen on the phone and they want their customers back.


Maybe not?! Up 7.7% on the day :chart_with_upwards_trend: !


Serious question, is aapl just too big now to ever have another 2%+ day?

It’s had some 2% plus days in the last couple of months, no reason why it couldn’t happen now

actually it’s down 2% today!