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I’m replacing my thrice smashed XS Max but I don’t think that’ll move the share price much.


Apple Card in the UK…?


Apple found not guilty of monopolistic behaviour in their suit with Epic games.

Post below from @jwt has far more details



Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers handed down the decision in the closely watched trial, and issued an injunction that said Apple will no longer be allowed to prohibit developers from providing links or other communications that direct users away from Apple in-app purchasing. Apple typically takes a 15% to 30% cut of gross sales.

The injunction addresses a longstanding developer complaint and raises the possibility that developers could direct their users to their website to subscribe to or purchase digital content, hurting Apple’s App Store sales, which grossed an estimated $64 billion in 2020.


Sorry guys, it’s my fault it’s going down at the mo. I bought yesterday.


Fantastic news for developers

I know Apple always wants to be different and control their walled garden but this is not necessarily a bad thing.


I actually think this kind of ruling isn’t necessarily a great thing. Imagine if we’d had such a thing when USB-B device ports were standard (remember those square ports that you’d get on printers etc). That practically wouldn’t fit on any modern phone.

USB-C is kind of OK, but given that iPhones have had about 50% market share for the last 5 years, that’s a lot of lightning ports in existence, and probably there are as many lightning ports on phones are there are USB-C and micro USB-B combined.

It’d be fair more sensible to to mandate the socket on the charger to be USB-A or USB-C instead, because cables are cheap and ubiquitous and it doesn’t really matter what port the device itself has, because you can re-use the same chargers with any phone anyway with the appropriate cable.

More interesting is that manufacturers will now be prohibited from including a charger at all.


With induction charging you could probably get rid of charging cables and ports anyway. A bit more investment and this style of charging would improve. I visited McDonald’s yesterday and put my phone on the table and it started charging. :upside_down_face:


As much as the EU are doing it for the right reasons it is not a great idea. Innovation will be hit by limits like this as the USB-C may be great today but it won’t be tomorrow and who will then decide the new standard and timing?

What would be better would be some kind of compulsory exchange/recycle/other schemes to reduce waste and incentives etc. Or as @ralf mentions above about sockets.


The main reasons Apple haven’t already moved the iPhone to is simple

  • They want to move to port less but have to move slowly. They need to get MagSafe faster and more widely adopted first.

  • The E waste they would create over night would be astounding. All the existing lightning cables would then be heading to landfill over the next few years.

Regulation in this area isn’t necessary, I’m far from a free marketeer but by the time this regulation get passed it’ll be moot.

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I think companies should be incentivised with tax on things like waste or carbon, but as soon as a regulator steps in to mandate something like connection types, which isn’t a life safety system, then that’s probably a bad thing and as others have said, stifles innovation.

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Can’t believe anyone is opposed to this, it’s mad Apple have gone on for so long not using usb C just so they can sell expensive chargers while the other 75% of phones have been standardized for 10+ years. It’s especially indefensible since they’ve moved to USB C on other devices.

The regulation allows for innovation, new standards can be adopted so if this was implemented a decade ago we wouldn’t have been stuck with mini/micro usb. We could have avoided tonnes of ewaste and wasted money on proprietary chargers.

I doubt we’ll ever see a USB C iPhone though, they’ve got 2 years so I think we’ve just seen the deadline for the portless iPhone announced.


I live in a ‘apple house’ which means I have tonnes of cheap knock off lighting cables where ever I need them and have done for years. If they switch to USBC it means me throwing away 10+ cables. These are not recycled so go straight into landfill.

They’re about to regulate something that doesn’t need to exist. Wireless charging is more convenient, universal and the future.

The EU should be far more concerned with the monopoly power of big tech, this is where well crafted regulation could help the end consumer.


Incentive and regulation would have been a much better route but this is too late and pointless. It is also worth remembering that the lightening cable came out in 2012 so developed well before. At this period of time it was a far superior cable and innovative so why should Apple have to bin it? Hindsight is lovely but at the time it was a great leap in cable.

What Is The Difference Between USB-C And Lightning?.

Also, people really should look at the size and realise every single spare mm is MASSIVE in mobile phone technology!!! Any decent designer would prefer the smaller cable and add another feature on the phone. :+1:

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Just a reminder that Apple recently STOPPED including a charger but ALSO CHANGED the cable you get in the box from USB-A–>Lightning to USB-C–> Lightning. They will sell you a shiny new charger for that cable if you want one.

I’m glad Apple are being forced to join the standardised cable club. This mandate does not mean that all development on USB-C is halted, it can still be developed and progress doesn’t stop.

Interestingly, I’ve seen a number of other devices cropping up with USB-C charging ports including some light DIY tools which is very nice!


When my new iPhone gets delivered today (first time I’ve ever brought a current brand new model) all my old cables will still work, so does my wireless charger. The lighting —> USBC is only for those wanting 20w fast (for apple) charging.

I don’t want to sound like the fan boy I am because clearly It would be so much better if apple adopted USBC years ago. The approach from the EU is like regulating the bolt on the type of gate after the @CashCow has escaped from the field.

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Apple isn’t forcing anyone to buy chargers. You can charge an iPhone using any old charger (well, probably less than 4 years old because really old phone chargers don’t provide enough current) and a standard lightning cable. I have several work iPhones and not a single original Apple charger, so I find your assertion that you’re forced to buy Apple chargers kind of weird.

Also, while USB-C is increasingly popular, it’s by no means standardised on other phones yet. Of my 3 Android phones, only one has USB-C.

There are also a lot of people who might have lightning jack add-ons, e.g. in-car chargers and docks, but no USB cable. I remember when I bought my car, the cables were about £35 each from the car manufacturer and so you’d only buy the one you intended to use. People in this situation would probably prefer iPhones continue using lightning, so they don’t need to buy another cable.


There were 30 pin to lightning adapters back in the olden days, there could be lightning to USB-C adapters for docks too… maybe.

The best time to plant a tree to have a common standard for cables is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

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Cable is always better. With higher res video you really can’t send this stuff via wifi without delays. Really it needs thunderbolt which can be done through type C.

I actually think the lightning connector design is superior, it’s less prone to breaking. But it’s not really going anywhere for the future.

EU gets screwed while everyone else moves on is basically why happens. Type C is decent but it has its flaws as well. (Don’t confuse that with an approval for lighting)

Which is why this regulation is almost pointless. Apple devices can already be charged via type C chargers. You already get type C to Lightning charging cables in the box. So there’s very little issue here. I do wonder how much the EU is spending on this regulation when it’s not changing much. There can’t be many devices left that don’t have an option to charge on type C

All current lightning devices charge with USB type C chargers

I don’t really get where this idea comes from? Apple have never said this have they? A port leas iPhone means a less usable phone for ‘pros’ recording their 4K hdr video. What is hope they do is find a way to put thunderbolt on some of the models. That or they’re going to have to invent a new high speed wireless data protocol

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