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Some positive news today.

So does that mean any company that makes a loss will show as NA on FT? Just wondering.

Same as is the company hasn’t paid a dividend in the last 12 months.

See example from billionaires folly -

Morning fellow Freetraders. I’ve woken up to a nice gain this morning (now in profit again :)) coupled with the dividend payment is very happy.
Apparently there are rumours of a potential takeover. £6 a share is being thrown around if this is true id snap their hand off!

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Why does the stock market gate me Hyseb, here’s me about to buy today lol as I was just talking about this stock the other day with Neil but defo don’t want to buy in a massive gain encase it just crashes straight down again I’ll buy again one day when it’s £20 a share :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. I was going to reinvest my dividend but with the jump I haven’t. Gone elsewhere so bound to be the wrong choice.


Lol I thought I was the only one who did that. I just can’t bring myself to buy shares in a profitable stock (don’t want to average up)
I took the opportunity to sell some of my more expensive shares and left the shares I my cheaper shares.


If you think of stocks as elevators.

Some are travelling up…some travelling down.

Which one do you want to put your money in?

Averaging up (while value still exists) is surely the ideal?


Completely agree, why wouldn’t you want to reinforce success.


I’ve reinvested my Dividend anyway, Takeover or no takeover it will still compound next when the dividend comes around


I think sometimes investors think a fast rally Usally ends in a fast down turn (I say that as well from reading and hearing it in audio books) and the big playas make the cash and the small investors make some cash as well if they catch it or many get left out and burnt until it recovers.

But the same concept can be seen across the full market it fluctuates.

When I see a downturn on the mass market I defo don’t buy in because I have a hunch it will fall further but I don’t keep telling myself it’s going to go down and down I kind of pick say 3/4 down where I think it’s heading and buy in there, you can call that trying to time the market or you can call that just obvious when the market as a whole is on the down trend.

I dunno everyone has their on little ways of investing I guess :slight_smile:

Up nearly 10% on rumours of a takeover.

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Insider trading :smiley:

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Takeover talk breathes life into Aviva

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A thing to consider even with the big rise today the share price is only back where it was 6 months ago.

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A nice opportunity for me to sell and consolidate what im holding

Hey. Can I ask why you would sell now? Just interested.

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Its in profit for me, and I don’t want to hold it long term because im simply unable to keep up to date with the details of the company to a sufficient degree that id be happy holding shares in it.


Hello all. I guess the takeover rumours came to nothing then?

Yes I think I seen an article the day after saying management says its staying as it is. I read it on the interweb so it must be true.