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Went up 10p promptly dropped 50p. Is that what we expected?

All I know ever since the share split I have been over 50% down on my portfolio ans nothings changed since :smiley:


Not really tbh, most of the recent drop is the fact it went exdividend last week but I would have expected the price to hold up better considering the fact they are in the middle of a share buy back.


I’m just trying to make myself feel better by mopping up undervalue stocks to bring my average share cost down but it’s a mugs game at the moment tbh. On the other hand my savings ISA is doing great.

Anyone received the dividend yet?

Not yet for me.


Same, also Barratt Homes, payment also due 18 May 2023.

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Same here.

Mines in now

Got mine today

Yeah got mine today shame we didn’t get the payment Thursday would have been a really good price to average down. Nows the share price is 4.18 above my average. Not a massive issue just pain not maximising on the average inn down.

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Hello all. Seems we have had a sudden drop in the SP today. Has something happened?

Could be a reaction to the rise in core inflation… a few stocks have taken a few % drop today. Just a guess though

I think its probably a reaction to the results released this morning.


Sadly the NHS and surrounding services have always been very ridged and government like, so they lack the flexibility people need, and they lack the technology.

For the services that private health does provide in the UK it’s actually better than the US (why people keep comparing things to the US I’ve no idea). As they don’t need to worry about billing. Being able to talk to a doctor any time day or night within 12-24 hours (for example) is something I don’t think the NHS is capable of ever achieving

Companies are offering private health as a benefit more these days so it’s no surprise they’ve doing more business

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Excuse my newbie question the FT app Aviva doesn’t appear to have a price/earnings ratio? Would anybody be able to explain why this is?


Dont quote me on this as I’m not an expert, but I thought that P/B is a better metric for financial institutions. Doesn’t explain why P/E isn’t showing though.

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Because they made a loss last year, P/E is meaningless if they make a loss