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Last week i was 4.39 average. Today am 4.59
And i been averaging down

It is very hard to diagnose what the issue might be because we have no idea about your private account. But this might help:

Suppose your average was 4.39 last week and you had bought in total z shares by then, then your new average should be: (4.39z + ps)/(z+s). Where s = number of new shares bought, p = price of new shares, 4.39z is 4.39 times z, ps is p times s and “/” is divide.

If you still have an issue ping money@freetrade.io. … the support team will be delighted to help you.


I have messaged the help/support team. No disrespect to you bitflip thanks for your help and support but you lost me with z+s / x p = ???.

Going back to the issue i have gone back to the total buy history with aviva i have never paid more £4.55 for aviva at that was for only 10 share.
I have 615 shares total. The rest of the prices i paid are between £4.30 to £3.90 that should not have a standing average price at £4.59 ???

Yeah mines weird too. Just over 300 shares. Bought between 3.80-4.00, average showing as £4.677?
I’m just keeping buying whenever they are below £3.90 now and I can afford it.

The average is off because there was a share consolidation.

The Freetrade average doesn’t take into account that consolidation (76 new for 100 old shares).

If you hadn’t bought since, the old share average would now be reflected in the new shares causing the difference - for example:

You bought 100 shares at £4 a share per consolidation costing you £400 (average £4 per share).

After consolidation, the current system then thinks you bought 76 shares - by this logic it then calculates your average as total spent (400) divided by shares held (76), giving a higher than paid average of £5.26.

As to your specific issue around average having increased after a purchase I couldn’t comment, but hopefully this makes it slightly clearer why the average looks so off compared to what you actually paid.


Hi schkempo thank you for your message i get the share consolidation part and my share average after the consolidation my average did go up witch i except.

But what i dont understand is the fact after the consolidation i have been averaging down so the average should go down not up is this correct from my end?

If purchasing at a lower price then yes it should go down, I’m at a loss to explain that one so hopefully the team will be able to have a look and give you an explanation via the email address.

Keep us up to date with your findings if you’re happy to do so!

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@Schkempo makes the very important point that you need to account for the share consolidation (inc. special dividend) and therefore you need to adjust your previous buying prices. You have fewer shares after the consolidation so the previous buy price will have been adjusted upwards. But ping support if you want to understand your specific numbers. Remember the special dividend paid when the shares were ‘repriced’. If you want further clarity ping support.

The formula is correct based on the information you gave at the time. But I see from your new comments today that there are a number of complications and obvious points of confusion that relate to the consolidation. Without knowing dates (to account for consolidation) number of shares and prices there is not a great deal more I can say. Customer support is your best friend.

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Tbh what I was doing was looking how much I am down. Then looking at how much I got back in money during the consolidation. As long as they level out and I still work out up I’m happy.
Just takes a bit more working out is all.
I know that if I kep buying at £3.88 I break even currently.

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I hate looking at aviva it’s like neg 50% because of that share split


If I add the amount I got as the special dividend to the current value of my shares it all adds up as it should ( the special div and the share consolidation basically cancelled each other out ) it is Annoying basically seeing the special div amount as a loss on the share and on my overall amount.

I should add I didn’t get any shares paid back that couldn’t be consolidated maybe this adds to the wrongness in peoples averages too.


This is exactly correct and what I would expect.

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Well…that’s my price target well and truly beaten…time to be brave and buy more? Or wait it out longer…long term hold for 10/15years is planned

Best time to buy is now right? Or do you lot think it will keep going down?

I think we are currently in an ‘all bets off’ period Scott. Aviva is on my watchlist but personally I’m waiting on the sidelines to see how the bond markets unfold in the near term before looking at the likes of LGEN, PHNX, AV etc.

Well it’s even lower today…


Trading update…seems positive to me

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From sharecast decent set of results.