Bankers Investment Trust plc BNKR

This trust holds an international portfolio of stocks from numerous sectors, including tech, finance, energy and retail.

Any information about the 90% drop? The link to the key information page is 404ing

There was a 10:1 share split
@Freetrade_Team please can the chart and KID link be fixed

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Hi quick question. This stock hasn’t been updated since yesterday but I’d like to sell it. Will I get the price shown or will I get today’s price of £1.19p/s?

I have been holding this trust for over 3 years now. Solid long term performance, the portfolio has a quality focus and does pretty well no matter what. It won’t shoot the lights out but delivers nicely.


Nearly doubled in 5 years is not bad at all :+1:

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The weekly trust watch Trust Watch highlights Bankers as being quite cheap at the moment. This might be a good entry point for some, or top up if it fits.

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Really where and what year? Does anyone know why it dropped from £10+ down to £1+ in a couple of days please???

It didn’t?!
It had a share split at the beginning of this year.

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Does anybody know why its no showing a chart today plz??

Thanks, im new to investing as you can prob tell, do you know why the price dropped from over £10 down to just over £1 in such a short time please?? Thanks and what is a share split? An is it likely to get anywhere the £10 a share again in the nxt couple of years?? Thank for your help

10:1 stock split. Freetrade’s chart is not showing correctly.

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Thank you ive only just started learning and inviting :+1:


No worries. Stock/Share splits only adjust the price, not the value. If you have a £10 bill and I take it away and give you 10 £1 coins instead, that would be the same as a 10:1 stock split. You still have 10£ worth of money in both cases.


Freetrade have said that they cannot update data after a share split at the moment but the engineers are working on it

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I see @SebReitz has handily answered you. :+1: Some stocks split by 10 so you get 9 extra shares, 10 in total, for each you own. The value will be the same in total. It helps keep SP lower for entry prices and sure there are other reasons for this. Below is a graph of the last 5 years that I mentioned where it goes from 67 to 121.

Thanks guy’s really appreciate the help while im learning :+1:

Hi, I’m pretty new to all of this. I have read that this company pays out around 55p per share held every quarter. So for example if I had 10 shares I would receive £5.50 every quarter, Is this correct? Many thanks

Its actually 0.55p per share


Hi @Sarnold

Welcome to the community :ocean:

As @J4ipod94 answered the current dividend is 0.55p but I’ll add some more reading that might be worthwhile. To qualify for the next quarter you need to hold your shares on the DAY BEFORE the Ex-dividend date

You can see the past performance of the dividend above & here.

Some further reading if you’re interested.

What are dividends and how do stock dividends work