BUG in Bankers Investment Trust Plc (BNKR)

Is it just me or is there a bug in historical price graphing for BNKR? Freetrade is telling me (will upload a screenshot soon) that since 2016 is has fallen by -81.93%. Looking at LSE it shows it’s not true. In fact, it grew by 78%.

On Freetrade it’s selling for 1.17 GBP but it shows it fell -80% on ~ Feb 26 from 11 GBP. But the stock was never trading at this price, that actual price at that time was 1.1 GBP, not 11 GBP. The stock price history seems to be multiplied by 10 all the way until around Feb 26 when it drops down to the actual correct price.

Apparently there was a 10 to 1 share split effective 1st of March 2021. Freetrade’s chart still needs updating to reflect it.

edit: so the prices prior to the 26th of February need to be divided by 10.

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Thanks! I guess that clears it up. The chart update could be quicker tho.