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You really need to get a sense of perspective, its only a year since bens ipo and its trading at more than double the ipo price. The company has made big strides this year and is a good long term prospect. I understand you have paid more than the current share price but the drop in bens price reflects the market in general rather than any structural issue with the company. If you have a little patience the share price should reflect more the firms prospects,


Bens Creek Group plc (AIM:BEN), is pleased to announce that preliminary production from the new permit area has been encouraging following commencement of mining on this area at the end of October 2022.

The Company was able to produce 2,500 tons of run of mine coal in a single day with a higher clean coal recovery of 62%. Furthermore, the Company can confirm that initial analysis suggests that the coal seam being mined under the new permit is approximately 50 inches which is greater than the coal seam on the Company’s original permitted site, which had a coal seam thickness of 38 inches.


people falling out with BEN , only 6 trades so far today :dizzy_face:

Hopefully over next few years it will pick up :slight_smile:

hopefully it will :sleepy:
16 trades now…
who brought £2.40 worth? :rofl: :see_no_evil:
I guess any buyers are better than sellers

From being all despondent and meh :face_with_diagonal_mouth: about Ben
I topped up more this morning and then decided that wasn’t enough so found more cash and threw it at him
Make us rich Ben ! :laughing:

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Is this you coming out and admitting the £2.40 was you? :grin:


If only … I can only dream of having that much spare cash to splash around :hugs:

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Well that’s not good :weary:
Everyone getting out.

I think you need to take a break from looking at stocks given your commentary here the past few months.
If won’t be doing you any good stressing about the day to day movements in the markets.
They’re also not very informative posts when you share screenshots of trades and the share price graph.
Could you not provide a view on what you think is happening to the stock or what your suspicions are?


Over the year it’s held its own atleast :slight_smile:

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I know for a fact at least one of those is listed wrong so I wouldn’t necessarily trust any of them, a buy I made today is listed as a sell who knows how many others are incorrectly listed.

If I were you I wouldn’t look at Ben’s SP today…

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Anyone know what that was about? I read some stuff by some guys saying that it was a bad thing and they couldn’t wait to dump the stock, then i read some other stuff by some other guys saying that it’s not a bad thing and they don’t want to part with a single share.

If they are still digging up coal, and sending out the coal and getting money for the coal, where is the problem?

Lock and load as will be 30p this week and follow a similar trend line north as we did this time last year when we didn’t even have a HWM let alone a working washplant. Come Easter this will be £1 with 2xHWM and the underground rigs chucking out the equivalent of 1million tons washed HiVolB+ metcoal per annum and 10p dividends by summer. More info will be posted on the BEN fbk group and Twitter as it becomes available. GLA


Heres hoping!!

Why is the share price dropping below the price it was when they were not producing coal and were sorting out diggers

Another share with a mad roller coaster share price. Good luck to you all. The gyration would be to much for me

Agree with you, SD235,

I was following logic, facts and common sense with this stock, and everything was making me think that was a good one, but there is something else behind the scenes that made it, as you said, “another share with a mad roller coaster share price”.

I sold everything time ago, and I am just passing by sometimes to double check if I took the right decision, and every time I check it, I still thinking that I took the right decision for me.

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