Biden v Trump

Biden 2/5 Trump 15/8 could be a very interesting week

Some bookies at the weekend offering 50/1 for a trump win, max bet £1…

I wouldn’t be suprised if he did win, so many mad things going on

The election process if it’s close is very strange. If neither party wins the 270 electoral college votes ( as in, weighted in population each state has a set of delegates who in some states are obliged to follow the popular vote and not in others ) then the popular vote is abandoned and Congress picks an unweighted president, which gives Republicans an advantage because Democrats occupy high population areas. if the vote is unweighted then that population advantage is lost despite having more Congress-people. then I think the Senate picks the VP, so the results of both the Congress and the Senate becomes very important if the main event is unable to find a clear winner.

If the senate was to switch to Democrat overall control which is only two seat swing they could pick the president and the VP.

It’s interesting how they have constructed such a complex system.

Vox did a great video last week about the messed up state of the Election College…

It almost makes our dysfuncional electoral/parliamentary/winner takes all system look good. Actually, that’s an extreme exaggeration, our system is equally as bad.

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The bull boost today looks very weird. If the market closes in green that means Trump can win.

Why would you think the market likes Trump? Most market actors are terrified by how he has mishandled the ongoing corona crisis and everything else around it.

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Let’s see what happens. It is also very possible that investors are buying the dip in pre-market and then big sell off. Basically, the “Larry Williams’ oops” :smiley:

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