Trump 2020 - is there a win to be had?

What are some good stocks to get into now, in anticipation of a Trump 2020 re-election victory?

If Trump were to win re-election in 2020, what would be some good investments to have got into a year earlier?

Based on:

  1. currently undervalued
  2. would likely make a dramatic change (upwards hopefully!) on the news

Just wonderin …’

I’m hopefully sharing this in the right category; and this sort of speculative talk isn’t out of order …

Investing in the S&P 500 would have returned you 24/25% YTD due to the “correction” this time last year. Investing mistakes of 2019 I made was not putting more money into Bank of America. Up 30% but only have a few shares. Same deal with Foxconn (Hon Hai)

If I didn’t already hold them I’d be buying more Bristol Myers and IIPR. Healthcare will be very strong should he get re-elected. Nearly every democrat has a healthcare plan that will socialise more aspects of their system. Drug prices will have to come down though there mental in the US

Micron is seriously undervalued although I already own some. Also it’s got a huge beta so not good for the heart ha

Well, I’m into Micron so that’s a plus!

I’m comfortable with the S&P; I think that’s a safe bet whatever. Pretty sure that one’s impervious to the political ebb and flow. Nasdaq too …

The Healthcare sector - now that’s a good one. I’ll keep it in mind - thanks

There’s actually an S&P Healthcare ETF on Freetrade if you fancy a narrowed down punt on a Trump re-election!


He’s too short this time around 11/8 last time I looked. CNN projected Clinton to win and I stuck €100 on him to win at 9/1.

He’s surely a shoe-in for the election. The democrats are all over the place from the party supposely against old white males they have 3 in the top. Biden, Bloomberg and Sanders

Edit: Added Clinton

Nice one. Thanks!

Fair enough. But isn’t there a lot of emotion in the stock markets? Bookies can’t afford to be emotional …

I’m confused about your comment and don’t know how to respond :joy:

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I don’t know what I meant. Maybe my initial premise was wrong to start with.