Blue Star Capital plc BLU

This company invests in tech firms of varying sizes. It mainly funds blockchain and esports firms.

Anyone got any thoughts on this company? Their list of investments look interesting to me.

Things moving up!

I like the look of this company

Where is it going to joeb ?

Blue Star Capital (I hold) is an investing company with focus on esports, block chain technology and its applications within media and gaming.


  • Profitable for the first time in 2020 (ending Sep 2020)

  • The value of their investment portfolio has grown by approximately 78% per cent over the year increasing from £5,101,587 to £9,063,432

  • The major contributor factor being the uplift in valuation achieved on the investments in Guild Esports and Dynasty Esports

  • The latest RNS from yesterday (15 April) informed that Dynasty Esports valuation has gone up significantly to $45 million up from $10 million

  • BLU holds 13% in Dynasty Esports which equates to approximately £5.8 million based on the latest valuation. The initial investment was £428k so that’s 12x returns already

  • BLU also invested 200k is NFT that started trading on AQSE today

All in all it’s an interesting company with interesting investments but of course not all going their way. For example, Satoshi pay blockchain which they hold around 27% was meant to be their super star has failed to take off but is still in play.

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I had flagged this company in my watchlist about a year ago, but can’t remember why!

Having done some reading they have some interesting investments, especially in eSports, so I’ve taken a small position and will ramp it up if and when they start to grow.


Have a look at £Guild Esports

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Will do, cheers


i just got my self 18773 share in them as the gaming and tech world seems to be improving so hopefully they will improve aswell