Brand new stocks, including BNGO and GEVO - 25th Jan 2021

Hi folks

Here is this week’s batch of 10 brand new stocks, including some highly-requested ones from the community:

Stock Ticker Universe ISA eligible SIPP eligible
BioNano Genomics Inc BNGO Free Yes Yes
Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited COPL Plus Yes Yes
Castle Biosciences Inc CSTL Free Yes Yes
Conduity Capital plc CCAP Plus No No
Dev Clever Holdings DEV Plus Yes Yes
Eos Energy Enterprises Inc EOSE Free Yes Yes
Everi Holdings Inc EVRI Free Yes Yes
Fonix Mobile plc FNX Plus Yes Yes
Fox Marble Holdings plc FOX Plus Yes Yes
Gevo Inc GEVO Free Yes Yes

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Capital at risk


Why isn’t CCAP ISA eligible? Should be, no? @Freetrade_Team

We’re reviewing it.


Thanks Sam. Are there more stocks coming any time soon? The wish list is by far longer than these ten or so names above… many thanks.


@James101 CCAP has now been reviewed again and is both ISA and SIPP eligible.

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You bet. These weekly batches at the moment are stocks newly made available through our partner, and we add them straight away (like the next day).

Working on European stocks as we speak, and we’ll also add many other US and UK stocks.

There may be something highly requested relating to new additions just around the corner :eyes:


Thanks, Sam.

Hi Sam. How can I request a stock?

I really want EXRO Technologies (EXROF) and MVMDF - Mountain Valley MD


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Hi, you should request this using the form pinned on the forum.

Heads up though, EXRO are on the Canadian market and MVMDF is OTC so it might not be until FT add these markets.

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