Cannot Open Account


I have dual nationality (Portuguese/South African).

Because I have never lived in PT I have no tax number but the app asks for one when I try register and wont let me proceed without providing one.

Any help appreciated!

Okay so I just put a random 9 digit number and it let me create an account. Is there an issue with this considering I do not have a portuguese tax number? I’d of course give my Ni number when I open an ISA as I am a UK resident.

It’s ill-advised to enter in made up information like that. That’s the kind of thing that would likely get your account(s) flagged for fraud.

That page about the nationality has a link to select for more information if you have dual nationality. If you have already gone past that screen you would likely need to contact support for information about it, and what to do.

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The link is a dead end. No helpful information.

It seems like an oversight from the app developers. Fidelity have a check box when registering “I have not been issued a tax number for this country” after which I could select my tax residency being the UK and provided my Ni number…