Cannot open S&S ISA

I submitted a request to support about this, but am still waiting and I guess it’s low priority, soooo…

I’m trying to open an ISA.

I accept the 2 checkboxes on the T&C page and on the next page enter my card details (for debiting the fee). Thanks to 3DS I am taken to Monzo for verification, do that, and get the “your card has been added/approved” (I forget the words) message shown, and am then returned back to the FT app (sometimes, this is not guaranteed, and some amount of app swapping is needed!) where I end up on either the card details page again (where the card details have now been cleared) or back on the “T&C + 2 checkboxes” page. If I try to re-enter the same card details again I am sent through the same process and end up in the same place. I cannot get to the point of actually opening an ISA at all.

Has anyone else experienced this? I do have a card/account with NatWest I could try instead, but as my Monzo account is linked to my FT account I wanted to keep it all together.

This is an in app (on monzo) verification of the transaction? Worth reporting it to freetrade as you have but this isn’t uncommon, seen lots of people say the same with monzo when using the card in some other apps.

Don’t know if it’s specific to monzo or the app switching being the problem

Yes, I was wondering about reporting to Monzo, it seems there are some issues with the navigation for 3DS reported on occasion on the Monzo forum, it might be that. Annoying.

Sometimes on Monzo I have the option to verify by text. I use that when the normal verification route of approving and then keying in the pin hangs.

I don’t know if would be an option in this scenario though.

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I’ve just tried (yet again!) and there’s no SMS option.

It’s odd, because FT have clearly accepted the card info, due to the FT “we have added this card” which pops up over the card details. It’s only when I press the OK button that I’m navigated back to the T&Cs page, so I think it may be a FT issue rather than a Monzo issue (but who knows!?).

Hey @tbutz - If you could reply to my DM with a few more details, we’ll get this sorted for you.


Problem sorted. It seems there was an inactive flag on my account (possibly due to me being a beta tester), which was getting in the way. Flag cleared, and ISA now opened. Whoop!

Thanks for your input folks.

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