Can't buy more Sanofi $SNY shares (or even find the stock in search)

Hi all,

I own shares in Sanofi in my GIA account. They are specifically listed as non-ISA.

However, when trying to place an order today I noticed the ‘Buy’ button has been greyed out. In addition I can no longer find the stock listed using the search functionality.

Has the stock been removed by Freetrade? Anyone have the same issue?


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Yeah I’d like to buy some to, wonder why its disappeared. Anyone know?


Freetrade have restricted purchasing of French and Spanish stocks. This is because purchase of these stocks has an associated financial transaction tax (i.e. stamp duty).

We should have been paying this but FT doesn’t have the mechanism set up to collect this tax.

Therefore they are restricting purchasing until further notice.

Hope this helps.

Any updates on getting sanofi on Freetrade? It’s a major pharmaceutical company!