Greyed out buy button

Hi, when looking at Lowland Investment (LWI) the buy button is greyed out. The button is active when looking at other stocks.
Thanks in advance.

What payment plan are you on? If you are on Basic then I don’t think that stock is available to you as it is part of the Standard/Plus stock universe.

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Pretty crap this unless you pay isn’t it? Same problem with GFIN.

Yes I am on basic. Thanks for your reply.

Seems a bit backwards, the split between GIA/Plus stocks. I’ve put a small amount of money into a GIA to see if I like the platform before moving an ISA/SIPP. The stocks I would like to trade tend to be small, with a small share price. My trading method means I want to trade small numbers of shares, often. The shares FT has outside of plus tend to have higher prices, as they’re bigger stocks. I’d need to buy a lot of shares for my method to be feasible, but I don’t want to put much money into a GIA. Surely it would make more sense to have smaller stocks in the Gia, as small accounts are more likely to be non-plus?