Can't withdraw money

Whenever I click withdraw money I just get the same message popping up. Name, sort code, account number, unique code what am I supposed to do with this info? I deposited via Google Pay and also deposited through bank transfer

To withdraw you’ll need to link your bank account and verify it first. You can then withdraw and it will take 3-5 working days

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My account is linked but I keep getting the sane message? Am I supposed to pay money into the account through my banking app?

Also how do I verify my account? I believe I have already done it

You need to transfer/deposit into Freetrade first from your bank account.
This can be done manually (account and sort code) or through the FT app with Open Banking.
Depositing a small amount into FT from your linked bank account acts as the verification.
You can then withdraw any amount that isn’t under: Unsettled Cash or Reserved Cash

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You will need to deposit/transfer from your bank account to verify. Google Pay transfers won’t count/verify

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The wording in this screen should be verify your bank account. It should probably say something like this:

Verify your bank account
Please transfer funds from your bank account to freetrade to verify the bank account with us and allow withdrawals.

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I have now deposited £2 from my bank and also £50 from Google play I presume it takes time fir the money yo reach my account, the money from Google pay went straight in money from bank has not. Cheers

Hi @Ogs19 - This is still a somewhat manual process at Freetrade while they do not have a way to allocated incoming payments from their bank to your account.

At various times throughout the day, someone goes through this, and usually you should see your money hit before 8pm although with the influx of new members recently, others have reported this takes a couple of working days.

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