Capdesk email

We just need to create the badge for the round 4 investors group & then I’ll add all of the investors to that group in one go :medal_sports:

So we should be able to get that sorted within the next week.


Alex, what do you do if your Crowdcube email is different from your Freetrade email? Should we PM you?

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I’ll post a form to collect your email address(es), tomorrow.

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Coolio, thanks Alex.

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How much does Capdesk cost Freetrade annually?

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Here’s the form: All crowdfunding investors - let us know your Freetrade email addresses

Just now I’ve received my FT R4 share certificates. I must say that it is one of the fastest one :slight_smile:



Round 4 investors now have their forum badges 🏅

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Nice…I can see now my badge …Hurrah. thanks @Freetrade_Team1


I was concerned about the legitimacy of this too. It might be worth considering sending a regular email from a Freetrade email address in advance of something like this in future. It just looks like it might be some kind of phishing attempt.

Putting that aside, the data that Capdesk shows me is wrong. It shows the incorrect number of shares and the incorrect amount invested. It looks like it might be missing one of the funding rounds for the share count and two of them for the amount invested.

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Will new investments appear automatically in the Capdesk dashboard? My R3 investment is there but the R4 one is missing and it will not let me add it in manually.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think it takes time as the paper work such as eis is still to come for r4 so wouldn’t surprise me if they have some admin to do to get it added to r4 too.

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Any updates on when Round 4 shares, or the new share price will be reflected in CapDesk for the “value estimate” feature?

Just received an invite for R4.

Do I need to manually add Freetrade? Registered with the link, but shows no investments.

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Just had the email as well and registered but my account is empty. Not sure what to do next.

same here.
it says freetrade’s not registered , when i try to add the shares manually :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

same for me too - i’m sure the team will sort this out soon enough

I just received another email asking me to log in to capdesk… I clicked this and it logged me in and there is Freetrade…!


I just added Freetrade and it showed up as a live investment

(Registration number btw 09797821)

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