Cedar Realty Trust Inc (REIT) - CDR

A REIT investing in US shopping malls in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Any chance you can give me information on when today the dividend will be paid?

US dividends tend to take a little while to process, with it being a bank holiday it could be Friday or even the following Monday

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So if the dividend pay day is today do you not normally get it paid in to your account on the day stated even if it is from US?
Are Freetrade not working today either.
Need to ask these asinine questions because im a newbie to dividends :sob:

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All questions are valid so don’t worry.

Freetrade has stated in the past they know their dividend payment & information isn’t where they want it to be.

Some get paid quicker than 5 days but regardless of broker there can be a few days delay while it gets processed.

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Thank you so much for the clarity Neil and for the quick reply :grinning: payment late but incoming. Thanks for the info, have a good night.

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Why can’t I sell my shares? When will I be able to sell?

They’ve been taken over/merged with another company Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust so you won’t be able to sell.

If I’m understanding it correctly, the deal is $9.48 per share, so in theory you should get that at some point (plus also the special dividend of $18.52 per share).


Could someone explain why i didn’t receive the dividend for this and also why its no longer available to view on my account. I received the $9.48 div but my shares have disappeared. Can anyone help me understand what is happening.

Please read @JimmyJ reply (message before yours). In a nutshell

As a result of the merger, Wheeler has acquired all of the outstanding shares of Cedar’s common stock, which will no longer be publicly traded on the NYSE.

I don’t follow this stock. But what the above quote from the company release means is that your shares have been compulsorily acquired and you will get the deal value, once Freetrade has received the funds, as stated in the release and in @JimmyJ’s message. If you are due any dividend then you will also get this when Freetrade have received the funds. Please wait for 5 working days. If you haven’t received the funds email money@freetrade.io.