Comunications with Freetrade by phone

Thanks to The Community for allowing me to join.
To a greenhorn like me this seems the only way to find the answer to a simple question.
i.e. Will Freetrade actually Trade for me using a GIA even though I am 90 yrs. old.
Yes I know the application form is simple. I just dont want to waste any of what seems jealously guarded Team Time by answering a phone number I cannot find online.
Hoping for an answer soon,

Firstly Good evening @jawjazz and welcome to the community :ocean:

There are no upper age limits for using Freetrade. Freetrade don’t have a telephone number but you can reach them on for anything specific. This community can normally answer most general questions - or at least we like to think we can!

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They probably wont do trading for you on email though…

From a business prospective, hiring ‘contact center’ or ‘social media responders’(as opposed to influencers) is a money sink that could be best spent elsewhere.

To keep costs low, I can’t see telephone sharedealing being a thing on freetrade.

At least unlike some places, freetrade do not see it acceptable to respond via email in 5 days.

Tell that to HL, love their immediate answers to my calls and immediate answers to my questions. Not to be underestimated


Thank you for the information #36,586. At least you are aware there are still some old techniques that have a use. The exponential growth of digitisation has left me behind. Unfortunately other things may also be left behind e.g. the importance of customers (users). Perhaps Freetrade have gone a bit too far in making it simple to open an Account amd missed out gentle, content,
friendly & relaxed, in particular with reference to new accounts.
Regarding business requirements, my belief is that any business
is simply a series of Suppliers & Users

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