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This company operates the discount ecommerce platform, Wish, which serves customers across the US as well as India.

The $WISH IPO is scheduled for Wed 16th Dec 2020 and we’ll add it to your app as soon as we can once it hits the secondary market.

When you invest, your capital is at risk


I don’t think wish sells good stuff, prob a dud

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How long after it’s listed and trading will it be available to buy in app?

Any minute now

why i can’t buy wish?

Have same issue not letting me buy

Sam, why is not working? i’m getting an error when i try to buy wish

Sam not letting me buy

Same, error on confirm

yes, same

Having some pricing issues, apologies, still working on it

Thanks looks like lot of movement on it

So sorry for the delay.

We were all prepped but an unforeseen issue occurred with pricing.

We have set it live now, so you should see it in the next few minutes become available to trade.

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Thanks I bought it now cheers

Thank you, all good here

Last big IPO of the year :tada:


There is something wrong with this stock frozen not moving other are showing correct price.

Hi Mary, looks ok to me, what could you see?

Hi dear is fixed now can you check Ali baba. As well please much appreciated the stock price is high but its showing low on calculation. :clap::pray::+1:

i think ill add this stock to my wishlist