Current Support Wait times

Did it just correct itself?

BP’s price had a significant drop yesterday from opening till 9:00am and beyond. Sometimes, these market fluctuations cause delays in the confirmation process. These delays likely happen on the side of the market makers working with Freetrade.

These things happen. They are annoying. But they happen with every broker due to market conditions I think

Yes, corrected itself!

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This bug happened several times with GME during the meme madness if you search the forum. So it’s either high volatility or evil hedge fund shorts.

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I have recently closed an account with Freetrade and I require a closure statement as well as some monthly transaction statements, however I have been unable to get hold of anyone via the in-app chat or by email for over a week.

Please can someone respond to my messages / emails so that I can get the information I need??


Hi @tobya_c,

So sorry about this experience :pensive:

We’re extremely busy with high volumes of queries at the moment, so we’ve not been able to get back to everyone in our usual speedy timeframe.

We’re working on this as a priority though, with the team actively expanding and working on internal processes for efficiencies.

If you could pop us an email via we’ll get this checked out right away.

Hi @robjackson,

Thank you for getting back to me, I have just sent a message to the above email address.

Many thanks,

Same 5 days wait for accounting info

I popped Freetrade an email Saturday 30th.

I’ve had an acknowledgement email but no reply to date.

Just wondering if there is a delay in the 3 working days response?

Thanks in advance.

The response time can be variable. I have had responses in a couple of hours and I have had responses outside the 3 day range.

I agree it can get frustrating.


Yes, they got back to me yesterday.


Still waiting for response from 6 days ago on 2 accounting queries and inconsistencies. Can’t use my in app statements for reference as they arnt correct. Jan’s opens Novembers transactions etc so I’m missing Dec completly. Some in app transactions show under the company name showing all purchases and sales and some are missing. Tried customer services no response / reply.

I deposited money over 24 hours ago now and it still isn’t showing in my account can someone get back to me ASAP - not had a response in chat been trying to get hold of someone since yesterday afternoon

Hi Aaron

Welcome to Freetrade.

The team are very busy with a huge surge of new users in last week.

@Gemhappe or another member of the FT team might be able to help you out.

This will be resolved, don’t worry!

Hi Aaron, I’ll DM you now.

Thanks Ben!

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I am awaiting a response for a week now on the chat app. If this can be looked at it would be much appreciated.

Yeah, I’ve been waiting a few days for a response from chat. Usually the FT team reply quickly and are great, but it definitely seems like the fallout from the GME fiasco has created a massive backlog so I’m not holding my breath…

It’s been over a week I appreciate you are busy but what is the current sla for a response. I was interested in the plus account also but if this is the service levels then it’s not very appealing.

I have a premium plus account but still haven’t had any response to in chat app??