Delay is a display issue

Can anyone shed some light on this statement:

“The delay you are experiencing is a display issue only - your order will have been executed or rejected as normal and hasn’t yet updated in the app”

If the order can be placed, why can’t it be displayed? I would have thought the app would be able to scale up to handle the volume of trades - especially if the issue is just rendering that the trade was successful …

And nope this wasn’t a meme stock - just trying to buy some boring tech shares.


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Freetrade use a us intermediary I believe and they seem to be struggling at the moment with the market volatility which is having an issue in buying stocks that are routed through them. Was it a us stock?

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It was a US stock. The message suggests there isn’t a delay in executing the order but displaying it in the app?

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So hopefully your order will appear as normal later on and the backlog is dealt with. Its great freetrade are just managing to keep the app open at the moment given what some other brokers have had to do. Hope it gets sorted for you. Unfortunately on this a occasion there’s nothing you can do other than be patient.

Which I can imagine is frustrating in itself.

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