Delayed account top-ups 4.3.2019

I seem to have a wired bug (the FT app of course) maybe someone knows whats going on. I topped up my account over the weekend and at around 8:30 am I got a notification that my account was topped up (getting the notifications and in the activity section its shown that my account was topped up (in green).

If I however look at the available balance nothing has changed and my funds don’t show up there. Even after a while now and restarting the app my overall balance is the same and has not changed.

Has anyone had a similar experience or knows what to do ? I sent a message to the FT team and I keep everyone updated.


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Exactly the same has happened to me

Topped up over weekend, received notication but not available to invest

Will give it an hour before messaging FT

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Good to know I am not the only one. I am waiting for the US market to open so its not super urgent but would be good to understand whats happening.

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Sure it’ll all be sorted soon enough :+1:

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Same here. Also received two dividend notifications this morning but it looks like only one has moved the balance.

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Also facing this issue! Will wait for a response here before contacting the team

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There is an issue that’s causing top-ups to be delayed this morning, sorry about that. We’re just in the process of sending a message to everyone who’s been affected.

We’ll keep you updated!


The top up person called in sick today? :nauseated_face::wink:


Haha loving this ! :grin:

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Is this going to be fixed by 4pm ? :eyes:

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we might be missing out on the deal of our life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My funds are now available :+1:


This issue’s been resolved now, thanks to everyone for your patience while we got this fixed :pray:


I can confirm funds now visible and available !

Thank you

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Monday seems to be a bad day for top ups. Is it due to so many being placed between Friday and Monday ?

Today’s issue was just caused by one of our partners running into a problem, it wasn’t because of the backlog &/or our systems struggling to wake up on a Monday :wink:


Anyone still having issues with top up delays?

Nope works for me … do you experience any problem @cesarecardia ?


I’ve just checked and It’s all up. Just me overworrying I suppose. Thanks

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I top up my freetrade acc just around 14:00hrs Friday afternoon, account balance is not updated on freetrade. I understand top up acc can take 2-4hours…
Now I have to wait till Monday morning.

I seriously think instant balance update should be the 1st thing going forward in our road map.

This is 2nd time I have to wait the weekend for my account to be funded :dizzy_face:.

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