Top-up account - COMPLAINT

I have messaged several times in app regarding the top I have made to my account. the funds are not showing and nobody is responding to my in-app messages

There seem to be a lot of requests at the moment so replying will take a bit longer I guess. There’s nothing that can happen with your money - the worst case is that it bounces.

Saw that you used an unlinked account. Just wait for a reply.

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Also an unusual amount of unlinked account money complaints today, very odd :eyes:

Hopefully the team can pick up soon…


took me 7 days for my money to reach my account over the BH period.
missed out on a good price to buy stocks because of this.

Hi Ashley,

Apologies for the delay. Let me see if I can get this sorted out for you. I’m going to message someone from our customer ops team to get back to you ASAP.


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