Delayed Pricing + Stop Loss


Looking for some clarification, does the stop loss work based on the real live price working in the background or does it work on the price shown on FT app?

I have a short FTSE ETF which hasn’t updated since 8.30pm and need to understand at which price will it be activated from? Live price even tho delayed on app - or next available price update on app?

Hope it’s the former. Thx!

It will be the live price - otherwise this would be the worst feature ever implemented :smiley:



I thought as much but you know when you just doubt something? That.

It’s all done on the London Stock Exchange. As soon as you set up a Stop order this is sent to the LSE trading system and remains “unelected”/“parked” until the stop price is met. Once the last trade price has met your stop price then it is “injected” into the trading system as regular order

Side note: I really wish FT developed Stop Limit orders!


not the only one

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Sometimes the price doesn’t update within the app.

I have mentioned it to the team on the customer service chats and sent screenshots.

If this happens and the price reaches a point where a stop loss order or limit order is due to execute, but something is up with the app on a particular users phone will the trade still execute at the desired price set on the order type, even though the live pricing may be malfunctioning for that user, at that moment in time.

You’re just rephrasing the initial question. Yes, it will since the order is not linked to your apps status but has already been sent to the market as @J4ipod94 nicely explained.


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