Deposit 1 month ago- not in account and no response

Hi i have deposited money in ISA on 11 February, till now i haven’t got the money into my account.

I’ve been chasing the status of the issue for so long now- provided all bank statements as required and it’s just silence. Understand how busy your team is atm but at least I should be able to know what the current status of my money, especially when you said all queries should be resolved within 7 working days. I don’t know who else to contact and this gets really frustrating.

Can someone help me to get to the bottom of the issue?


That’s not great. Flagging up to @Gemhappe to get some help on this.

Freetrade have pinned a post here in the forum asking if you can email

Hey I have emailed to that address last week and they said it will take 2-3 working days to reply but still get absolutely nothing :frowning: its very frustrating - I dont expect the issue to be resolved immediately but at least if they said they will look at it in 3 working days they stick to their promise !

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I don’t know if you can send DMs yet but worth trying this.

Thanks everyone for suggestions- I still not got any response whatsoever :frowning: This is getting more and more frustrating ! Has anyone come across something like this before? It’s been more than a month now !

@Viktor - can you ask someone to look into this? It’s obviously not acceptable

You should follow the FCA complaints process if you are not getting anywhere. They have an obligation as a financially regulated company to treat customers fairly which this is not. I understand the team are very busy but Freetrade made the decision to allow this number of new customers to join. They could have suspended new registrations to minimise the impact to service.


I’ve DM’ed you.


I have just messaged you- please have a look and let me know asap.

Thank you!

Couldn’t agree more.

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You know what would absolutely run like clockwork and on time every single time with no problem whatsoever?..

…Taking funds for your ISA fee.