Deposited 20 days back

Hi i have deposited huge amount in both ISA and NON-ISA , till now i haven’t got the money into my account. i am chasing the issue since 20 days and no one replies , its really pathatic, every time i post on this and all the repsonse i am getting we have identified transactions and it will be resolved soon. its been 20 days , i am not able to explain this to my patner what happned to the money , and affecting person life ,emotionally. not sure why freetrade is not responding to any of the emails . don’t know whom to contact . its really bad. i never expected freetrade will behave like this .


So sorry about the experience. :pray:

I’ve sent you a DM, so we can look into this and help you ASAP.

Thank you very much for resolving the issue. Really appreciate. Can’t express how much relieved i feel.

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i feel your pain, im still waiting on money i deposited over a month ago to hit my account :sob: hope you get to the bottom of it