Deposited into both ISA and non-isa

HI i had deposited amount into both isa and non is and three days back but till now it didn’t reflected in my accounts , Please check and advise me where is the money. i have transfered from santander account and not sure whom to contact and how to contact and its huge amount for me . bit panic and disappointed with service , Please advise me asap.

Hi, don’t worry. It usually takes 2-4 hours for top-ups to arrive but on the off-chance it can take longer e.g., if you didn’t include a reference number.

Send an email to

i am really scared , i deposited huge amount and didn’t know what’s happening , is there any customer service number where i can contact and discuss futher , i have sent email two days back but no response till now . as i said its too scarry where is the money , Please help

No need to be scared. Your money is not lost. It’s likely that there might be checks and validation happening to your deposits. Use the email in @Newbie post to ask FT for support

I deposit at around 8am, usually for me it goes in around 9am to 10am

Hope this helps!

Yep, no need to be scared. It could be that the payment just needs to be manually pushed onto your account and FreeTrade are getting on top of a backlog of queries at the moment. But it will be very easy for them to locate a payment, given that bank account details / references are attached to all payments. It’s not lost, so try to relax about it.