Deposited with non linked account

Hi there I signed up to freetrade yesterday through the app. My Google pay wasn’t working with it for some reason so made a bank transfer. I didn’t realise that it had linked another of my accounts in my Google pay wallets, so the money hasn’t gone through to my freetrade account. I messaged yesterday but haven’t received a response. Can anyone offer some advice on what to do?

Also I had to create another account to post here, the linked email address is the same though. What an admin mess I’ve made😬

Open a chat in app with support.

I think people who had done the same as you have basically had to wait for FT systems to rebound the transfer back to where it came from after if fails to be verified to an account. This can unfortunately take up to 5 working days.

Thanks J4ipod94. I’d opened a chat as soon as I’d realised what I’d done and waited a day but the message is still on unseen. As long as it’s coming back it’s no big deal. Thanks for the reply

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