Dexamethasone and impact on markets

I’m sure everyone heard the news by now that this cheap, widely available and safe anti-inflammatory drug significantly reduces death rates in hospitalised Covid19 patients.


I feel the market hasn’t factored in yet how significant of an advance this is. The US authorities are not yet ready to change their treatment recommendations until the study is peer reviewed - I guess they don’t trust a simple press release from a foreign university. Trump also has been the first to tweet about unproven treatments but now that he can’t take credit for this he’s been totally muted.

I feel that once the US and wider world validates the results of the study through peer review and the drug starts to get widely adopted and death rates start reducing across the world, politicians will be quicker to re-open economies, people will become more willing to spend and the impact on the market can only be positive. What are everyone’s thoughts? What am I missing?

You have to have COVID-19 and be gravely ill before this could help you. And even then a percentage of will still perish. So its a great thing but It wont stop he spread etc.

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I agree. I think the stat is that it would have saved around 5000 lives in the UK. Obviously every life that can be saved is a positive, but, 5000 out of those who have died from COVID isn’t that great. Worse still are the deaths that are not directly caused by the virus, people not able to get cancer treatment etc, where this steroid is obviously no help.

It’s positive news for sure but we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.