Dividends payment!

Yeah I noticed that too, edited my previous post just before your reply!

Thanks for reply but as stated I purchased the share 2 days before the ex dividend date but still haven’t received the payment which is the only reason Iam investing for the dividends. Someone mentioned that this sometime takes days which defeats the object of payment date.


Ok guys what does this mean?? If I purchased an Apple stock on the 8th of February should have I received a dividend on the 14th of February?

As explained above it can take a couple of days


Iam asking what declared , recorded means?? Payment is self explanatory Is declared the same as ex-dividend date?

That is just fancy bureaucracy, which seems integral to the big corporate world! :sweat_smile:

“Declaration” indicates when the board of directors approved a motion declaring that dividends should be paid. The board action creates the liability for dividends payable.

“Record” determines which stockholders receive dividends. The corporation’s records (the stockholders’ ledger) determine its stockholders as of the date of record.

“Payable” indicates when the corporation will pay dividends to the stockholders.


Just to add some more info here. Dividend payments for US stocks work a little bit differently to UK stock’s. They’re paid to CREST by the company & then CREST transfer the money to us. That means that there will always be at least a 24 hour delay between the payment date & when we can transfer the payment to you. Sometimes it can take longer.

And another friendly reminder -


How can you work out when a company is due to pay out dividends?

I use https://www.hl.co.uk/shares - Search for the company and it shows historical and upcoming payment dates.

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You can also check out https://www.dividenddata.co.uk/ for UK companies.


Hey Alex, can you confirm whether ETFs use the US stocks, the UK stocks or a completely different model in order to pay their dividends?

Is there a quick way on Freetrade to know which companies actually pay out dividends and on which dates??

I don’t think there is, well at least I haven’t found anything.

Come on Freetrade lets see some improvements🤓


For the first part of your question you can vote for the respective idea :point_down:


Anyone got Disney Dividends, pay day was 16th Jan 2020.

I was going to post about my Disney dividend, nothing here yet either mate.

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I’ve just got my notification for the divi payment.


Got mine too

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Got it also :heavy_check_mark: